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Experience Additive / Hybrid Manufacturing

If you have a product and you want to increase the productivity of your manufacturing line through incorporating an AM technology, then you should consider experiencing the whole process with us. We will help you to get the best in class engineering services, fast and effective. Additive manufacturing for us is a way of communication.

Manufacturing Your Component

If you have a manufacturing line with limited capacity to include AM technology, we are here to help you. Our prioritized access to top-tier AM technology across the globe will provoke a reliable and trustworthy value chain. We can also help you with our in-house capabilities that comprises of various AM technologies, including the ones that suit your model the best.

Become an Additive / Hybrid Manufacturer

Industry 4.0 stimulates a trendy progress to evolve old fashion manufacturing systems into smart and connected operations. If your firm/company has outlined moving towards additive manufacturing, let us equip your factory with the most advanced AM systems. With our engineering expertise, we can negotiate, design, acquire, install and commission all your AM systems, saving you hundreds of hours of precious hours.

Explore Various Suitable Technologies

Your product can be manufactured using a number of today's technologies. Which one is the most effective, making the largest profit margin for your factory? We will walk you through the potential processes by benchmarking all the advantages and disadvantages and provide you with a solid business model based on which you can make hard decisions.

Cost estimation and applicability evaluation of high-end AM methods…

Various additive manufacturing (AM) technologies are being introduced in a continuous basis. There are still extensive limitations with each method pertinent to materials and alloys, eventual properties, surface conditions, manufacturability, distortion, subsequent post-production steps and many more. At 3D-Components AS, we are committed to unleash the ultimate possibilities of AM by evaluating the limitations and mitigating the incurred costs of production by AM. Whether acquiring or trying, our expertise will get you there…

Modern dematerialized parts for lightweight vehicles…

Transportation is known to get us from location A to location B. This inevitable demand comes with baneful externalities. We have obligations to alleviate the energy consumption and do more with less. Reduction of material weight while increasing or maintaining the integrity is a challenging task. Modern product design combined with AM can realign our efforts to produce complex bio-inspired components. Some of the optimised designs are unlikely to be produced through any other method than AM

State-of-the-art compositions: aggregation of properties never coexisted before…

Two typical properties of industrial metallic alloys are strength and ductility. It is known that the presence of one rests on the absence of another. We have addressed this problem at 3D-Components AS and developed modern AM processing method to amalgamate the properties that could never coexist before. Our multi-behaviour alloys are realised through a modern AM technology that is capable of producing large scale components. We call this new class of materials Coexalloys®.

Finding your value chain for advanced additive manufacturing practices

Developing the building blocks of human's future settlement on Mars…

At 3D-Components AS, we are ambitiously developing a cutting-edge additive manufacturing technology which is able to produce large-scale functional parts unaffected by vacuum and microgravity. It is a unique opportunity to build components and strong metallic constructions that can withstand manufacturing and in-service conditions from the Earth to the Mars.

Maximized profitability with AM even during the downturn…

Additive manufacturing is a game changer for manufacturing and production industries. AM provides possibilities that could never be realised before. If the oil and gas price is historically low, we offer AM products to help enhancing the recovery, reducing the manufacturing costs, intensifying the processes while reducing the carbon footprint.



Founded and bred in Oslo, Norway, 3D-Components AS is being developed since March 2015. We have been engaged in many activities to have our unique technology established and promoted. Additive manufacturing (AM) is a technological field that requires knowledge from a large number of engineering disciplines such as robotics, materials science, computer and cybernetic sciences, mechanical engineering and many more. That is how our cross-disciplinary team got together to make it happen. Tune in to our social media accounts to find out more.

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We have been working with many top-notch companies through our common projects. We are also enthusiastically looking for new collaborations, whether to develop something new or to expand our own technology. We acquire our platform equipment and instrumentation from world-known companies such as Kuka, Comau, ABB, Fronius, ESAB etc. The choice of equipment depends completely on the end user wishes, application and interoperability among their existing infrastructure. Our major goal is to bring the most advanced AM setup or components and integrate it on your factory floor.

Hybrid AM Platform

Keep the collaboration warm

If there is something you wonder or you have a comment on how can we grow better, we would love to hear your ideas. Community engagement is at the centre of our focus and we are dedicated to serve all the interested people in additive manufacturing and state-of-the-art technologies at large.



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